Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Personal Achievements.

One of the main complaints from players in FFXIV is the lack of content, people feel that there is nothing to do specially at end game. Personally I understand this statement but I also see that in a MMORPG people don't need to just do what the developers designed as "content", as with real life we don't walk on this earth aimlessly looking for things to do, we decide ourselves our targets and what we want to do to achieve them.

With this in mind I have set to myself a number of targets that I wish to reach, from the first desire to get to maximum (50) rank in Armourer to get all sub crafts required of it. This were my first two targets and I'm glad that I finally achieved one of them, get to Armourer 50. The sub crafts are also on their way, I've got to Weaver 25, Leatherworker 35, Goldsmith 30 (5 short of my target) and Carpenter 24 (6 short of 30).

I also decided to get one fighting class, chose Marauder, to 50 so I could experience all the game has to offer and have already defeated 2 out of 3 Guildleve Notorious Monsters usually associated with Tier 3 Faction Leves. On top of that I have recently aimed to get myself and my Linkshell to look into defeating "Open World" Notorious Monsters, specially Dodore which through its loot will enable me to get a Dodore Doublet, arguably the best body equipment for crafters.

Having achieved ARM50 I have now also set a new target for myself, finish the two sub crafts required for ARM and at the same time start ranking Blacksmith. Along with a new Discipline of the Hand comes the also required sub crafts and although some I have already from Armourer other need to be improved. Weaver 20 is not a problem as I already am 28, Leatherworker 35 the same, Goldsmith will now be required to take up to 38 instead of my initial target of 35 and Alchemy needs to be raised to 30.

So as a final advice, don't just hurry to get to 50 and be left with nothing to do, actually try and enjoy the path that leads you there, also set your own targets, don't just expect the developers to hand you everything on a plate and most important of all, find a friendly group of people with which to spend your time in game, it will only make the game more enjoyable.


  1. Hey Hugus good blog really enjoyed reading it keep it going mate.

    Torias Dax

  2. Thanks Dax, I havent been posting as much as I would like but that is mostly due to lack of content (new things to be done and posted about).
    I'm glad you enjoyed the Blog!!

  3. Didn't know i could post comments here xD

    Been reading your blog for a while now Hug.

    /cheers Moa