Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Sunday, August 29, 2010

35 Years ago

The earliest memories that Hugus had of his childhood are wondering alone in Ala Mhigo, an orphan in the busy bustle of the most civilized city in Eorzea. Life was hard for a Roegadyn youth living on the streets, eyes downcast searching for Gil left on the floor.
With so many riches in eyesight and none within arms reach Hugus devoted himself to Nald’thal, god of commerce and distributor of fortunes. Each night before falling asleep in a dark alley corner he would pray for a change in circumstances, for a little more Gil so he could survive.

One early morning at age 14 Hugus noticed a Highland Hyur pulling a cart with logs of wood who seemed to be struggling with the weight and offered to help asking only for some breakfast. After a few seconds thought the Hyur accepted the offer and led Hugus throughout the city to the Crafter’s Quarters.

Going through an alley they finally arrived at a backyard with a forge, anvils and tools. The Hyur pointed at some logs in a corner and told Hugus to pile the logs from the cart on top while he would get breakfast ready, and then went inside the building.

When the Hyur came back out Hugus was sitting in the dust beside the pile of logs with the cart empty.

- Go and wash yourself before you come in and eat something. There’s a barrel with water on that corner over there.

With the Hyur looking over him Hugus scrubbed his arms, head and neck free of the dirt and followed into the house to a clean kitchen where a table was set for two. There was nothing fancy on the table but Hugus had never seen so much food aside from the market stalls in town.

- So what’s your name kid?
- Hugus, sir.
- I’m Primus, Vagus Primus.
- Thank you for your kindness.
- Have you ever considered taking on a trade Hugus?
- Not really sir…
- If you are willing to work hard, I think I could take you on as an apprentice here at Primus’ Armour.

For years, while scrubbing the floor and keeping the forge at the correct temperatures Hugus was able to learn from Vagus the skills of the Armorer. The relationship between the two became more and more like father and son until the time when Vagus formally adopted Hugus and the later took the family name Primus.

A long time later, news came of armies gathering in the Garlean Empire and so Hugus Primus left the city of Ala Mhigo to search for his Hellsguard kinsmen's settlement in the mountains of Ul’dah. His aim was to discover if with the help of their arcane arts the Hellsguard had discovered new metals or developed new ways to enhance existing alloys.

It was during this voyage that the unthinkable happened, news came that the Garlean Empire had already attacked and against all expectations Ala Mhigo was no more. It appeared that Garlean technology was years, decades even ahead of anything known in Eorzea and that his home city had been nothing more than an annoying pebble in Garlean's boots.

On that day Hugus Primus vowed to no longer depend on metals found by others, he himself would find other, better ways to craft the best armour in Eorzea to better defend the other cities.

Since then Hugus has settled in Ul’dah where he opened his own shop, Primus' Armour, not just crafting armour with the knowledge passed on by his father but also developing his mining skills so one day he will find a metal from which he will craft armour used to defeat the Garlean Empire.

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