Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Saturday, September 4, 2010

In search of a dream.

It had been a few years and Hugus have had no success searching for new materials that proved any better than the ones currently used in Eorzea so a new chain of thought came to him. Maybe he didn’t need to find a new metal, maybe he just needed to re-discover a metal which wasn’t common knowledge and might have been forgotten in past times.

So instead of looking for new deposits, Hugus started going through old texts and scrolls trying to find some mention, a rumour of something that appeared to be a new metal or even mineral that might help him.

It was during the study of such a manuscript that Hugus came upon a reference of a special blade that could cut through armour like a dagger through a Mandragora’s stalk. There wasn’t much information in regards to this Crimson Blade but its wielder was clearly stated as a Midland Hyur mercenary named Litev Kogaru from the city of Limsa Lominsa.

Known as an above average Armorer, it’s wasn’t very hard for Hugus to contact the Armorer’s Guild in Limsa Lominsa and recruit their member’s help in locating any person with the Kogaru surname. Actually it only took six months until news came that a supposed pirate named Kogaru would indeed show up in Limsa Lominsa every few months and use The Drowning Wench as it’s office of sorts.

As such Hugus arranged with the Armourer’s Guild to have a letter left with the Inn’s proprietor Baderon Tenfingers’s possession so that if indeed Kogaru did show up this letter would be passed on in exchange to a not so small payment for the help provided.

Dear Sir:

As a Scholar of sorts I have been reading some old texts and came upon a manuscript regarding a certain Litev Kogaru whom I think might have been a member of your family.

If my assumption is indeed correct I would appreciate if you could contact me through the Miner’s Guild in Ul’dah and I’m certain that depending on your assistance I could remunerate you for your time and attention.

With best regards.

Hugus Primus

It had been six months since Hugus first sent his letter when he received an answer to his message in which the pirate Kogaru admitted being the son of Litev Kogaru. In his letter he stated that although he might be inclined to earn some extra Gil he needed to know what kind of “assistance” Hugus was asking for.

Hugus explained that he was looking into Litev Kogaru’s life as a possible source for a study/paper in mercenary life to better prepare future adventurers in their choice of life. To that effect Hugus would be willing to buy or rent any journals or letters that Litev might have kept.

The two eventually came to an agreement in which Hugus was able to purchase some journals of Litev’s early adulthood. After taking a first glance at the journals Hugus was happy to notice that although there was no mention of the Crimson Blade itself there were references to something that Litev was actually looking for but when he was due to find it the journals just stopped on the night before:

I’m feeling confident my quest is almost over. After months of searching, only this can be the place I’m looking for. After so many clues and riddles I can feel it just waiting for me.

Can’t fall asleep and can’t go onwards, this is not a place to enter at night, especially if one is alone. I can’t decide what is worst, the dead silence of the surrounding area or the aerie screeching that sometimes comes out of this gods' forsaken place."

Although dated years before the original manuscript placed the Crimson Blade in Litev Kogaru’s hands this was the very last entry in his journal, followed only by blank pages. Something must have happened the following day that Litev didn’t want anyone to know.

Try as he might, Hugus was not able to place the last entry’s location from the journals and he did the only thing he could. Looking through the older entries he was finally able to put a place and name to one of the journal’s entries and from there follow Litev’s steps.

With the help of the journal Hugus own quest didn’t take as long as the original but still he was out of Ul’dah for the best part of a year until he was faced with the same locale as the journal described, Nanawa Mines. Deep in the mines was supposed to be the end of Hugus’ search, the Crimson Blade.

The following week, when Hugus arrived in his shop in Ul’dah he couldn’t be more solemn, his home and workplace were full of dust and spider webs, the result of his time away and all he had to show for it were two trinkets: a ring and a linkshell.

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