Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A little knowledge can go a long way.

To be honest the last few days haven't had that much novelty to them, I think as I get more and more skill in my craft things start becoming second nature and filled with the same jobs while helping out the various adventurer guilds across Eorzea. I have learned a couple things though.

First thing that I realized is that just because I might have great skill in Armourcrafting it doesn't mean I can easily do all the items I choose to, some of them also require that I have some proficiency in other Disciplines of the Hand. This is specially true in regards to Leather working and Weaving as these two provide some of the materials I needs to make armour.

Because of this I decided to get a minimal knowledge in the various other Disciplines of the Hand so I might better perform in my chosen one. So far I have achieved my (short term) target in Blacksmithing, Goldsmithing and Leatherworking. By learning the initial steps in these crafts not only am I able to improve my crafting in armour but I also learned some skills which have been of great help. Although skills like Maker's Muse are achieved by training Blacksmithing these can eventually be used in any other craft I so choose.

For this reason my Armourcrafting has seen much improvement derived from the use of that same skill along with Fulfillment and to some extent Epiphany. these not only improved the overall quality of lower skill items but improved my success rate on high skill parts, even some usually associated with skills higher than the ones I possess at the moment. I would advise any person thinking of delving into the Disciplines of the Hand to look at skill from other crafts and see which (if not all) that might be of help to them.

Since I'm in a mood to offer advice here is another one that might be of help to any person reading this journal, just because the great majority of beasts roaming the land don't pay you any more attention than maybe following you for a yalm or two, that doesn't mean they all behave this way. From my own experience I can say that Mining within hearing range of a goobbue is a bad idea as they will most likely look for the source of the noise and not be very happy with your presence in what they perceive to be their territory.

Feeling something hitting me in the back of the head and founding myself waking up in Camp Skull Valley still aching from the pain was a lesson that I will not so soon forget. Also be aware that goobbues are not the only ones, Lone Wolves around Gridania usually take to attack stray adventurers passing beside them, even if these adventurers try to give them room and not make any noise. Overall be aware of your surrounding and the other creatures that share it with you.

Also of note is a complaint I felt obliged to present to Linette and to the Miner's Guild in general. After finally being accepted in the guild, I decided to lawfully enter Nanawa Mines and search for what riches might be there to find. After so much talk in the guild headquarters of the best finds taking place in actual mines instead of the outside world I decided to take a chance in that scary place.

Imagine my astonishment to discover that not only weren't there riches to be found but that all nodes appeared to have been mined to exhaustion, after almost running the mines from one end to another I couldn't find one spot that might deliver something, anything. In the end all I did was run around keeping an eye out for some skeletons haunting the lower depths of the mines and trying not to step on the many Iron Coblyns that inhabit those caves.

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