Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New Friends And New Business

It has been quite a few moons since I came back to my adopted city of Ul'Dah and my day to day had fallen into a routine, traveling between the three nations helping out the local Adventurer's Guilds and providing my services them. It was on one of this journeys that I met Gun Anam, a Hyur adventurer and we started talking about life and the situation with the Garlean Empire. Gun Anam mentioned that he was part of a group of adventurers that had got together to benefit of mutual help and otherwise have company and people to talk to.

These adventurers were led by a couple named Envi and Ylanna Larue with the help of a Miquo'te called Tik Tok and called themselves Tainted. Although I found it strange that a group of adventurers would call themselves such a name I found them to be a group of nice, welcoming people with various aims but all with the same easy going way to approach the difficulties that life presented them.

Eventually, noticing my discomfort in standing in the rain, Gun Anam advised me to use the ferry's cabin. I found it amazing that after taking the ferry so many times in the past I hadn't noticed the presence of this comfortable cabin that kept me safe from the elements. As comfortable and warm as the cabin was, it appears I had been in the rain for far too long and a few days later came down with the flu which left me quite debilitated and prevented me from my usual travels across Eorzea. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining.

Because of my condition I ended up spending much more time in my old shop than usual and eventually decided to clean it up and revert it to it's old appearance. With it presentable and my confidence in my Armour crafting skills increasing every day I decided to reopen Primvs' Armour to the public, I might not be able to provide Iron Mitt Gauntlets but Bronze Sabatons are easily done with my current skills.

The opening of my shop was a small event that passed unnoticed but eventually adventurers started coming in looking for wares. I sold 2 Iron Skilets to some new friends of mine from Tainted, one to Tik tok and the other to Dark Mike and even had a stranger placing an order for 6 Iron Plates. All and all it was a small event but one that reminded me how happy I had been in the past providing help to other people.

One of reasons that I felt confident enough to reopen my shop was the crafting of some Bronze Buckles, even in my old days I don't remember ever producing such good quality items. I was only sorry that these were a commission to Camp Black Brush and I wasn't able to keep them as a keep sake to put on show in the shop so people could see the quality of my work.

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