Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Linkshells and Friends.

As anyone who has played MMOs before will tell you the enjoyment of these games is multiplied if you have a group of friends who you can enjoy the game and to a certain extent depend on to do some advanced content.

In FFXIV these groups of people are called Linkshells and characters can have up to 8 "pearls", 1 for each which will enable them to communicate with different people around Eorzea without the need to be in the same area. Personally I have found it hard to pay attention and interact with 2 LSs at any one time as the system requires you to use the main menu to change which Ls you talk to.

Because of this I made the decision of basically being on just one of them 100% of the time so that a connection and friendships can grow. At the time I had 2 LSs, one which I had been in for some time and another which although being part of for only a few months I really felt at home but unfortunately the leader appeared to be leaving the game.

When the core group of people of the second LS created a new LS which were to include the most active people in the original one I decided to make a choice between the two of them. On one hand I had a LS with about 20 active members with almost an exclusive focus on Disciples of War/Magic, on the other I had a 6 members LS which focused both on fighting and crafting and this was what led me to chose Vagrants Requiem.

In Vagrants Requiem people had an almost equal focus on both fighting and crafting and because my main (if not only) focus was on crafting I found myself having more in common with this group of people. Because of the various crafting members that took part in the LS we also have the support to help each other in making gear for each other. Eventually we decided to start recruiting more people with a desire not just to get to end game but to create a community of people that could help each other.

After 3 weeks or recruiting we now have almost 50 members from both Europe, United States and even some Eastern Europe and Middle East time zones. We got such a good response that we decided to put recruiting on hold and try to properly meet and know all new members. So as it is at the moment we have a group of core crafters, quite a few new crafters, a small group of 40+ doing those regional leves and another group of people doing 30 regional leves.

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  1. Arduous Soul here, come to Seraphim, I'm sure one of the officers will be contacting you promptly. Everyone went over there it seems, see ya Huggy Bear :D