Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Letter from the Author

"From the beginning, this Blog was supposed to the a first person view of Hugus' experiences in Eorzea, Besaid server. As some of you who might follow this every now and again I started posting new entries less and less and now I haven't posted one for quite some time.

This has come  about because of although I, as a player still enjoy playing and meeting the people that I have met, as a character Hugus Primvs keeps doing the same over and over again because of the lack on new content present in the game. As such I've took a page from the game's producer and decided to let people that read this blog know what's been going on.

Mainly I try to do Local Guildleves as my first priority and as within them I give Armourcraft my first choice and then move on to the classes which can be considered as subs, classes which are needed for some of the ARM synths. With this in mind I have achieved WVR26 which should be enough, keep on increasing LW to 35 (27 at the moment) and stated skilling up CRP which is now at 13.

At the same time but less important to me, I still do leves for MRD and MIN when these present Guild Marks as rewards and that has enabled me to raise MRD to 30 and MIN to 28.

With the news from FFXIV producer about the changes which will be implemented I hope that more content will be added soon and if I feel that will enable me to continue posting "In Character" I will try to do so, if not I will just keep news of Hugus updated as I've done in this post"

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