Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

These past few days have been unremarkable but for one event. Mostly I've been improving my skills in armour crafting and leather working, something I came to realise is that as good as I might be crafting out of metal I will always need to know some of what makes a good piece of leather or even cloth. The main reason for this is that for me to create some of the more advanced armour I will need to do it using materials which I have no knowledge of.

A good example of this is Bronze Scale Mail, as much knowledge as I might have of the metals that make it I will also need to be comfortable working with the leather materials that help to make it. Other pieces like Bronze Cuirass for example require some know how in both leather working as and weaving in addition to the usual armour crafting since it's components come from all three Disciplines of the Hand.

With this in mind I have decided to start delving in more detail into leather working until I feel comfortable using these materials and will then move on to weaving as well with the same intent. It was upon arriving in Ul'Dah from the various journeys I usually take across Eorzea perfecting my skills that I was told of strange visitors in the Waking Sands, the Head Quarters of the Walkers of the Path. Upon arriving in the building I was informed that some Sylphs were keeping Minfilia and asked to help resolve the situation.

When I arrived in her office, Minfilia was trying to communicate with the Sylphs but not being able to understand them she couldn't do much. Probably because of my latent Echo power I somehow could understand the forest beings and translate their speech. It appeared that the Garlean Empire had started a new incursion into Eorzea, this time in the surrounding area of Gridania where the Sylph inhabit. They somehow had come into the woods and endangered their homes.

At Minfilia's request I contacted Nells, my Path Companion, and we arranged to meet in Gridania to scout the events taking place and report back to the Walkers of the Path. I set to Gridania where I met up with Nells and we both headed to Camp Nine Ivies after which we found the Sylphs. Apparently the Garleans had come with weapons and were scouring the forest to find their homes and their young, with some strange magic the Garlean soldiers were able to somewhat counter the Sylph magic and actually see them sometimes.

With this new development both myself and Nells decided to not just observe what was happening but to attempt to save the podlings from Garlean hands. With the help of some Sylph keeping us hidden from Garlean eyes we were able to remain hidden all the way to their home and take the podlings back with us to keep them safe. On the way back we were spotted by some Garlean soldiers but once again the Sylph intervened and cast their magic on us making the soldiers unable to see us.

When we arrived back in Camp Nine Ivies where the Sylph had gathered we were happy to hand back the podlings into their care to keep them safe. This was when a group of three strange individuals appeared and made a comment that we had done more than simply scouting the area, from this statement I assume that they too were Walkers of the Path but not having offered any names I cannot be sure. In the end I simply reported these events back to Tataru in the Waking Sands hoping that more experienced persons would know what to do.

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