Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Saturday, November 13, 2010

First foray into fighting.

After the opening of Primvs' Armours business stayed a at low but steady rate. I'm hoping that current customers might have spread the word that I'm available for commissions, business will start to improve. I even took some time giving out some advice to a new Blacksmith. Even though the particulars of the different crafts are relatively different the main rules will still be the same. I was happy to have been told by Richard Preston that following my advice he noticed a clear improvement in his craft.

Since business has been slow I decided to bring my wares to where they are most needed. Instead of just providing them to other adventurers I started thinking of using them myself. With that in mind I choose to attempt taking on the Gladiator's mantle and learn their style of fighting. Making this decision known to my Linkshell it was brought to my attention by Tik Tok that although the Gladiator's way of fighting can be enough on it's own, it's can be much more successful if aided by certain skill from other fighting styles.

Overall the aim of the Gladiator is to have the enemy's attention focused on them so that other adventurers can focus of dealing damage or healing the party members. To this, gladiators rely on skills such as Phalanx and Provoke but these can sometimes prove insufficient as other party members deal high amounts of damage or healing which will attract the enemy's attention. An attentive Gladiator will also study other fighting styles so they can learn their particular skills or even spells and then use them alongside their original knowledge.

Good examples of these are Cure from Conjurer or Foresight from Marauders. If a Gladiator uses Cure then not only will he support the healing done and as such allow casters to use their magic in other ways but will also reduce the amount of enmity to the caster and transfer that to the gladiator and as such keep the attention of the monster more strongly fixated on himself. Foresight improves the Gladiator's chance at parrying attacks and as such also reduce the amount of healing required and once again reduce the threat to the caster assigned to healing.

With this in mind I decide to place an order for a Bronze Spatha from my colleague Richard and start training in the Marauder way of fighting. This way I can start to use the equipment I had set aside for my use as a Gladiator and once I actually practice the gladiatorial way I will have the support of some of the Marauder skills. Learning spells and abilities from other styles will prove more difficult as I will require to also find equipment suited to those classes but since I'm still focusing in improving my armour crafting and Disciplines of the Hand in general I'm in no hurry to get a beating.

In the mean time I'll keep crafting on request to my customers and on behalf of the Adventurer Guilds that post requests for armour and timber. On my spare time I will start studying what skills might be helpful to eventually developing my fighting as a gladiator.

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