Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Prayers to the Twelve

Life in Eorzea has changed considerably this last couple weeks. For some times now many Adventurers have raised their voices to The Twelve praying that their lives would be made easier and as a benevolent father to his child it appears now those prayers have been answered. In all walks of life changes have taken place that seem to impact the least important activity.

One of the simplest examples I can remember would be the gifts that the Twelve sometimes appear to put in our path in the form of treasure chests lying around in the world. Some people think I'm crazy for linking these chests to the gods but since we are only able to find these under our guardian's favour and people outside our group can't even see them I think this idea is as believable as any other. Before, we had to actually concentrate on these chests before we were able to open them but now all it seem to be needed is just to flip the latch and they get open.

As an armourer the change that most impacted me was shard related, not only it appears easier to find more shards in the remnants of defeated animals but recipes that have long been established with a certain number of these magically imbued items seem to have changed and now require a smaller quantity of them. On the other hand I've also noticed that using Bold Synthesis now increases the quality of the item in much lower increments.

It also appears that the first 20 levels of understanding in every class seem easier to reach now, along with the skills that one learn from them, that associated with Disciples of the War and Magic finding it easier to hit their enemies has raised a lot of support and recognition towards whichever of the Twelve that might be responsible for this. It appears that monsters on the other hand are finding it harder to actually hit adventurers and cause them harm.

Of course this might just have been a reaction from the Twelve to other evens taking place, myself I've noticed a considerable increase in the population of some animals and have heard rumours of never seen before monsters now roaming the continent. Some say that this influx of mobs is only related to the change in the seasons while others see it as  the beginning of something worst. For ages now there have been myths of notorious monsters plaguing the world outside Eorzea and whether the increase of population is because of monsters running from them or scouting the territory on their behalf both are being seen as a signal for harder fights to come.

One of the events that most have had a visible impact on the population is the discovery that some Eatherite crystals now require much less Anima to be used. As you might well know the use of the Aetherite nodes although enables us to travel vast distances in mear seconds but also causes a depletion of this element in our bodies and can only be used so many times in a certain amount of time. This reduction is allowing people to travel much more often while still not exhausting our Anima.

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