Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

Friday, December 17, 2010

More than meets the eye

Until a few days ago I was under the impression that the Beastman tribes inhabiting Eorzea were little more than enemies we, the intelligent races had to face when exploring the farther reaches of our lands. Beings that from their intolerance of others had somehow summoned the Primals that were causing so much concern to the Wanderers of the Path and to those awakened to their presence.

A few days ago I was once again asked to meet Minfilia in the Merchant Ward of Ul'dah and to my astonishment the view I had of these tribes sharing Eorzea was completely turned inside out. I was told that as savage as they might seem to the uneducated adventurer they actually were a major contributor to Eorzea's economy and the crafting practiced throughout the land.

As most if not all of you know crystals and their derivatives are a requirement for all crafting, without which we would be unable to craft something as simple as a nugget or ingot. It was brought to my attention that the influx of these crystals to the various guilds in Eorzea was done through a group of beings, some not even from the main 4 races, called Ashcrow Consortium and that this group regularly engaged in trading with Beastmen to obtain the crystals that drive our economy.

I was asked to aid this group in their dealings with the Beastmen as their trade had been dwindling of late. Upon my arrival in the Peasant's Ward of Gridania it was explained to me that the Beastmen had started refusing to trade their crystals because their "gods", the Primals required these same crystals to obtain and maintain their power. Even worse, the tribes was starting to meet the Consortium's representatives with anger and resentfulness.

Even as we spoke the Consortium had a group of their representatives sent to meet both Ixal and Amalj'aa and try to convince them to re initiate trading in crystals. Unfortunately no news had arrived of their progress and people were starting to get worried. I was asked to accompany Nells, my companion in the Path, to Thanalan where this negotiations were taking place and assist as much as possible with my understanding of other languages.

Upon our arrival in a cave just southeast of Camp Drybone we were faced not with a negotiation but with the start of a skirmish between the two tribes of Beastmen. With both Ixal and Amalj'aa almost at each other's throats the consortium representatives were finding it harder and harder to keep tempers down and both tribe's leaders were about to come to blows or even worst, summon their Primals. This was only prevented through the magic of the Sylphs which appeared to have frozen both tribes in time.

With the little reprieve given to us I decided to talk to both leaders of the tribes and engage in Parley with them. After some effort with each of the leaders I was able to finally calm them down and each of them returned to their tribes in peace. Without any crystals but having prevented the situation from escalating to open warfare we decided to call it a successful outing and each go on with their lives.

When things didn't seem to be able to get any worst a strange eerie sound appeared and suddenly we were faced with a strange creature that Nananoby and the Sylphs identified as being an Ascian. Quickly, the Sylphs were able to cast a veil on invisibility upon us and we were able to observe a strange being like nothing I had seen before. When the Ascian left I was left with the realisation that I know nothing of the strange beings that I share this land with.

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